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★ GoseTech Apps presents Symbolistic! ★


The rules are simple.

Quickly match the symbol displayed on the top of the screen with the similar symbol in the grid.

But be aware!

Fires will spread randomly & lock positions in the grid which prevents other symbols to appear. Making it alot harder.

But don't worry. Fires can be extinguished by clicking on a drop symbol which also randomly appears on the grid.

However, having fires active increases the points gained from symbols.

This means you can't just focus on matching the right symbols. You'll also have to keep an eye to the fires & plan your gameplay.

There are some features implemented to help you...

● supermode - activated if you manage to click 10 symbols in a row
● multiplier symbol - stacks up to 4x. Increases the points gained from a match & resets after.
● switch symbol - can't find your symbol in the grid? click the switch symbol! This will change the location of all symbols & new symbols will appear.
● Flake symbol - Freezes the current given symbol. Giving you more time to react & match as many of that symbol as possible. Lasts for 5 seconds.
● Superswitch symbol - If you're lucky you might spot this symbol. This symbol will change the location of all symbols & replace them with new ones. It will also be collected & stored. Which means you can use it later on.


How far can you Get? Can you reach the Toplist?

Symbolistic features unlimited levels which means the game never ends!


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